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For the cultural tourism lovers, a visit to the Romanesque Route is a must, including  58 Romanesque monuments built from the tenth century in this region, some of which date back to the founding of the nation.

Within a radius of 20 km from Solar Egas Moniz will find 10 monuments belonging to the southern Romanesque Route. Tell us in advance if you want a with a Heritage Guide.

The flagship is the Monastery of the Savior of Paço de Sousa, located 200 meters from Solar Egas Moniz. It represents one of the most prestigious Portuguese testimonies of Romanesque architecture, with columns in prismatic portals, bulbiformes bases, decorative vegetalists patterns carved on the bezel, with long friezes either inside or outside, and the manner of Visigothic and Mozarabic architecture.

Very close to the Solar Egas Moniz, can also visit the Monastery of São Pedro de Cête. The foundation of this monastery is attributed to D. Gonçalo Oveques, and dating back to the tenth century. Despite the reform of the Gothic era, this church is a testament to the long-accepted standards of Romanesque. If the north side portal should be regarded as Gothic, the main portal incorporates aspects of Romanesque epigone. In the cloisters there are some well-preserved tombs of noble knights.

Other monuments worth visiting: Memorial Chapel, Church of St. Gens de Boelhe, Church of the Holy Savior Head, St. Michael's Church of Entre-os-Rios, Church of S. Pedro de Abragão, the Aguiar de Sousa castle, and the Marmoiral do Sobrado.

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