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The Region

Arouca - Paiva Walkways

Solar Egas Moniz is located 57 minutes (40km) from Paiva walkways which are located on the left bank of the river Paiva, in the municipality of Arouca, district of Aveiro. Paiva Walkways offers an untouched 8km walk surrounded by landscapes of unparalleled beauty, in an authentic natural sanctuary, beside white waterfalls, quartz crystals and endangered species in Europe.

The route extends between the river beaches of Areinho and Espiunca, between the two, the beach of Vau, on a trip through biology, geology and archaeology that will certainly be in the heart, soul and mind of anyone in love with nature. Along the route, it is still possible to observe 5 geosites, or sites of geological interest: Garganta do Paiva, Cascata das Aguieiras, Vau Fluvial Beach, Gola do Salto and Fapi de Espiunca.

In the walkways, you will find in a near future a new attraction: the suspension bridge over the river Paiva. Located near the Cascata das Aguieiras, the pedestrian bridge will have a span of about 480 m and a height of the river Paiva of approximately 150 meters. Already it has been nicknamed "frighteningly beautiful".

More information about Paiva Walkways:

Photographic credits: Tiago Martins.

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