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The Region

Guimarães Historical Centre

The city of Guimarães is commonly known for Portuguese as “cradle of the nation” since it is the birthplace of the Portuguese nationality that is why we say “Aqui nasceu Portugal”: Portugal was born here.

It is said to have been in Guimarães, in the XIIth century, that D. Afonso Henriques, the first King of Portugal Known as “O Conquistador”: (The conqueror) was born. His parents were D. Henrique de Borgonha and D. Teresa (daughter of King D. Afonso VI from Castile). After his father’s death D. Henrique was tutored by an “aio”: Tutor called Egas Moniz, descendant of the “os Riba Douro”, one of the five great families of the two regions “Entre Douro e Minho”. The name of our House is a tribute this loyal “aio” Egas Moniz.

In 2001, The Guimarães historic center was awarded the classification of “Cultural Patrimony of Humanity” and in 2012 Guimarães became the “European Capital of Culture”. Here it is imperative to visit the Bragança duke’s house: “Paço dos Duques de Bragança” , the castel ”Castelo de Guimarães”, the square “Praça de Santiago”,  the “Padrão do Salado”, the church “ igreja Nossa Senhora da Oliveira” and the place  “Largo da Oliveira”.

If you wish a guided tour to Guimarães, just ask and you can count on us to make it unforgettable.

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